Recount 2016

December 5, 2016


Jill Stein’s recount effort should be applauded by all Americans. But in fact, pro-Trump groups are filing lawsuits to stop this important process. The time to correct the injustices, improprieties, and possibility of outright electoral manipulation and fraud is now. The Green Party presidential candidate obviously is not fighting to resurrect her defeat in the election, but rather to save the election for her sister-in-arms, Hillary Clinton. Nor is she trying to build a campaign war chest, as Trump supporters have alleged. Stein has filed for recounts in three key states that turned the electoral tide for Donald Trump: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This may uncover the truth about the election held just 27 days ago.

Given the overwhelming nationwide popular vote for Clinton, it is quite possible there are real issues to be resolved. Sources have informed me that these three states should have gone to Ms. Clinton. Donald Trump barely won Wisconsin by 22,748 votes, and it was even tighter in the Wolverine State of Michigan—a mere 10,704 votes separated the candidates. The differential in Pennsylvania was 44,292 votes—three-tenths of one percent. These states gave Trump 46 electoral votes. If the recount in these three states causes them to flip to Clinton. She will have 278 electoral votes to Trump’s 260 electoral votes. She will be the winner and the next president. The recounts are only one way to find out the truth about the 2016 Presidential Election.

Those who deride Jill Stein’s efforts are living in fear—the fear that Trump might have lost the election. As Jill Stein has said to Trump, “Put down your arms. End your bureaucratic obstruction…join the people of America who are calling for democracy that serves all of us and elections that we can trust.”


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